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Beyond Interactive are market-leading experts in digital employer marketing. For over 15 years, we’ve successfully helped employers navigate the evolving online media landscape to put across the right messages and recruit the right people, at a reduced cost per hire.

We’re experts, but that doesn’t mean we guard our secrets jealously. By sharing what we’ve learned - and by enabling you to measure the effectiveness of everything we do - we help you become experts yourselves.

And while our speciality is digital recruitment, our expertise spans the employer marketing spectrum, from working with you on your employer brand and internal communications, to making the most of offline media opportunities as well.

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Media Planning & Buying

Working on a tightly targeted, national or international scale, we deliver the complete range of strategic and tactical media solutions – from simple postings, display and programmatic to outdoor, including multi-channel campaigns but frequently excluding any channels we consider a waste of your time and money.

Whether based on ad-hoc purchases or long-term contracts, our solutions are driven by qualitative and quantitative data and enabled by the buying power of our director-level relationships with media owners. We also provide ongoing reporting that is not just limited to job boards.

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Professional copywriting isn’t just about producing keyword-optimised content. It’s about capturing the interest of the target audience and speaking to them in a way that persuades them to take the action you want. That might be to click on a job, to find out more about a company, or even (for unsuitable candidates) to ‘deselect’ themselves so as not to waste anyone’s time.

Our copywriters have a wealth of experience in recruitment, business-to-business and consumer advertising and marketing, spanning everything from a catchy creative message on a banner to a careers site or supporting print collateral.

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Web Design

We provide bespoke website design, with the ‘look’, ‘feel’ and functionality fully tailored to your individual requirements. Whether you need a corporate site, dedicated careers site or entertaining campaign microsite, we’ll always take time to understand exactly what you want to achieve – and ensure that our designs work seamlessly with your brand message and wider attraction strategy.

Our website solutions are built on a simple-to-use custom Content Management System. They employ no templates and are all designed from scratch, which not only makes them refreshingly unique to each client but also avoids the risk of any unused built-in coding lurking in the background to slow the site down.

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Employer Branding

How you’re perceived as an employer can be the deciding factor in any recruitment project. More than that, it’s directly linked to retention. With the right employer branding and employee value proposition, you will attract talent, lose fewer good people in the first place – and find your employees acting as unofficial ambassadors in the marketplace.

Of course, this isn’t something that can be faked. But it can be expertly controlled. We will work with you to improve the ways you communicate your values and culture, engage with your existing workforce, and present yourselves as employers to the outside world.

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Consultancy & Research

We have amassed a formidable wealth of experience – informed and updated by ongoing research into the latest trends, behaviours and market developments – and we believe in sharing it.

Whether it’s an audit of your website, guidance on your Diversity and Inclusion policy, or advice on choosing an ATS provider or multi-job posting tool, we’re here to help. We’re also happy to conduct bespoke research on your behalf, such as competitor analysis.

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Social Media

We were among the first to identify and exploit the potential of social media for digital employer marketing – persuading clients to run Facebook campaigns as early as 2007. By now, we have taken some clients to the point where social is their biggest driver of hires.

In addition to advising the ad hoc use of social media whenever it seems the best option, we can help you create long-term social strategies that dovetail with your other branding activities, and also train your internal teams to become self-sufficient in managing today’s plethora of social channels.

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Performance Marketing

Increasingly, performance models are replacing the old ‘post and pray’ job boards. From the introduction of pay per click to the evolution of Google Ads, the norm now is to pay only for results. However, this benefit is soon lost if one fails to keep on top of campaigns. Sometimes, you just need a bit of help.

Whether it’s dealing with the aggregators, which can be a minefield, or setting up a programmatic display campaign, we can guide you through the complexities or take away the pain and manage everything for you. Either way, you save valuable time and are assured of full performance reporting, so you need never let a campaign get away from you.

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Display & Out of Home Marketing

Job boards and aggregators give you good access to active job seekers. But what about those who may not be looking this week, or who need a nudge to consider a career move? We can help you unlock these vital passive audiences and build them into your attraction strategy.

Perhaps they’re reading their local news, listening to the radio or visiting a website linked to their professional interests. Perhaps they’re away from their home and desk, waiting for a bus or filling up their car. We’ll make sure you grab their attention with the right combination of creative text and graphics, or even audio and video.

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