Our Work

Practice Plus Group

Practice Plus Group needed to build up their competitive presence in the recruitment marketplace and increase the number of applicants for both non-clinical and clinical roles in their Integrated Urgent Care services.

We created a microsite that would focus on the specific attractions for these potential applicants, while dovetailing with their existing website and ATS.

To drive traffic to the microsite, we developed a social campaign using Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat. Since they had previously relied on job boards for applications, this was able to reach a whole new audience that might not have considered searching for a job in this sector or who might not have known that vacancies existed in their location.

The campaign delivered more than 20,000 clicks and led to a huge increase in applications and hires – in addition, of course, to the lasting benefits in terms of employer branding.

Such was the success of this project that Practice Plus Group have since run additional social campaigns for other parts of their business, in areas like health & rehabilitation and secondary care.


We were looking for interesting, engaging, fresh content and Beyond Interactive didn’t disappoint. From social media campaigns to design and creative content promoting our services, every piece of work was just what we were looking for, and more.

We are extremely pleased with the service and speed with which the work was completed – would highly recommend!

Lisa Dyson, Senior Recruitment Partner, Practice Plus Group.