We call it digital employer marketing

Working with a diverse range of blue chips, FTSEs and SMEs both nationally and internationally; we've come a long way since we first opened for business in 2006.

At the time, we were the first digital agency of our kind outside of London. Not only did we hit the proverbial ground running, we've since gone on to develop an array of services that can match any online recruitment marketing business in the UK, Europe, and even the world. How have we achieved such success? By living and breathing digital employer marketing. Indeed, our team has been involved in the industry one way or another pretty much since the start of the online revolution back in 1997. We also pride ourselves on our flexible customer service, total honesty and genuine commitment to keeping our clients' best interests at heart. Testimony to our success and expertise is the fact that even some of our media suppliers ask us for specialist advice and help with their marketing strategies.

Media Planning? Yes, we do that. Web Design? Of course! What about Copywriting, Search Marketing and Employer Branding? Indeed, they are all of those are part of the Beyond Interactive mix too. And, when it comes to Social Media, whilst we don't see it as the silver bullet some people do, we recognise that it has an increasingly important part to play in joined up employer marketing campaigns.