Hurrah - You made it through lunchtime without feeling too depressed….Happy Monday and Happy 2016 one and all. Time for a diet - coke break - without the shot of vodka.  Had another mince pie for lunch? …..already had one for breakfast.... As the New Year hangover abates, it's back to normal routine for most of us. (Unless you are in Scotland I hear…. Lucky, lucky Scots)

Hope you are all feeling refreshed and fired up...Don’t let all these social media posts and sad emoji faces about people having to go back to work bring you down….If you don't like what you do, change it! Life is way too short…If you are looking for a new job then get cracking! There are loads out there…. Take it from us - We know - we’re posting them apace….

I am currently looking through a Glassdoor - researching ‘FinTechs’, (think this will be 'a word' of 2016?!)....But if you are in the market for a change of job I think Glassdoor do offer a really refreshing list of the best places to work in 2016. (Well more refreshing than the Sunday Times lists anyway – and we’ll be well into ‘16 before they get their sheets together and release their best…). Glassdoor’s UK list includes all things nice – Holidays, Shoes, Waitrose & JL, Google, even the Tube….when in the smoke - and so, I really hope I will be working with some of these companies soon – good list Glassdoor. I raise my glass of detoxing lemon water and toast you. 

Posted by Emily Reid.



  • 05th January 2016
  • Sweet 2016....Employees know best