Job board postings can be part of your brand

Anyone who has read any blogs/articles/discussions around recruitment in recent years will know the importance of a company's recruitment brand.

As the articles tell us, companies need to have a talent attraction branding policy. Most big companies have responded to this with nice user friendly websites and a consideration for how they express and publicise what they offer their staff.

And yet I'm shocked that many companies don't extend this consideration to their use of job boards. Considering that it's the first port of call for many job seekers (despite many people trying to proclaim job boards are dead, people do still use them. They really do) some companies take very little care over what their ad/presence on the sites looks like.

There's a certain airline I can name that has a good quality careers site, well branded in their well-known colour scheme, with attractive photos, interesting icons and a good level of enticing and useful information. Recognisably theirs, easy to use and helpful. And yet today I found one of the ads for their live vacancies on a job board. One paragraph with an uninformative summary of the role, no nice pictures, just one little company logo. Uninformative and not particularly recognisable or on-brand. It gives the impression that the company in question don't really care about how applicants view them, and yet a look at their website shows this isn't true.

Most good job boards have responded to the change in recruitment and focus on branding by allowing companies to make their adverts personalised. Go on a job board such as Totaljobs (disclaimer: other good job boards are available) and look for an advert by Yo Sushi!. Click into one of their listings and admire the scrolling pictures of sushi at the top, the well placed logo and the clearly written and informative copy that indicates they're a modern, professional company who've thought about the job hunter.

Look for KFC jobs and you'll see that they've used what's known as a Display Listing, so that the entire background is KFC branded and you feel like you're actually on the KFC website. There's an attractive familiarity about it.

Even less well known brands can do this. Search for The Compass Group, a catering/food services company. They've used a flash banner at the top of each listing to produce an attractive ad for the company. This is not only informative for those who might not be familiar with them, but again shows professionalism and vision. Applicants want to work for companies who are professional and have vision.

Touches like this increase applicant confidence in the company as a potential employer and place to build a career, and they make you look clever.



  • 19th September 2012
  • Job board postings can be part of your brand