We work with hundreds of media owners and we like to think that we have great relationships with most of them. However, a certain job board (who will remain nameless) only seems to recognise the work ad agencies do when it suits them.

We've brought them a potential piece of business from one of their existing clients, which would effectively double the exposure they currently have with them and is totally separate to their current advertising contract. As they are already a 'direct advertiser' with them, they are refusing to offer us any ad agency commission on the costs, even though this is a new piece of business from a totally different part of the clients business that we have brought to them!

Fortunately, this is very rare, however if I speak to this particular job board about a totally different piece of business from another client, they WILL offer ad agency commission. This is extremely inconsistent and makes it very difficult to build any kind of relationship.

If we were buying this media for the sake of just receiving our commission, then I would totally understand their viewpoint. However, this is not the case and we find it frustrating that they don’t see the bigger picture.



  • 31st October 2012
  • An inflexible media owner