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If you went to bed at a reasonable hour and were up and about the day after RecFest still feeling ‘chipper’, well done. If not, we hope you found some of our ‘swag’ handy. And, now you're back up to speed, let us tell you a bit about the real Beyond Interactive.

Who are we?

We’re a well-established digital employer/recruitment marketing agency that works with an array of employers like Care UK, Specsavers, Manchester Metropolitan University and Manchester United.

What services do we provide?

Our broad range of recruitment communications services include Employer Branding, Media Planning And Buying, Search Marketing, Social Media, Web Design and Copywriting. We also enjoy great relationships with the media, which means we can often achieve large discounts on advertising rates on your behalf. Put simply, working with us is like having an external digital marketing team that can add tangible value to your business. Here are a couple of case studies to give you a better idea of what we do.

/cms-files/ManULogo.jpg    /cms-files/CareUK_fulfillingLive_400x400.jpg    /cms-files/Brammer.jpeg 

Why not get in touch? 

Whether you’re looking for sound media advice or want to take your entire recruiting strategy to the next level, we’d love to hear from you. And, no headaches, we promise! 

Call James Swift on 0844 335 0390, email james@beyondinteractive.co.uk or visit the contact us page on our website. 



  • 26th June 2017
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