RecFest may be over, but questions still remain...


The in-house recruitment and resourcing street carnival that was RecFest is over. The stands packed away and the delegates long gone. But, if you didn't get to ask all the questions you wanted, or are just curious to know more about recruitment marketing and how it could help your business, RecFest table leader and Beyond Interactive agency director James Swift answers just some of the questions he often gets asked.

What is Beyond Interactive?

The official description is digital employer/recruitment marketing agency. Put simply, we do everything from coming up with the right messages and choosing the right media for our clients’ campaigns to helping them build their online reputation and develop recruiting strategies to reduce cost per hire.

How long have you been in business?

We’ll be celebrating our 10th birthday this September. When we started back in 2006, digital recruitment marketing was pretty much in its infancy, so it’s fair to say we got in at the start and have helped lead the way. And, despite the uncertain economic climate in recent years, our dedication and expertise has enabled us to consistently make a profit.

What services do you provide and how much does it all cost?

We provide a whole range of services that include Employer Branding, Media Planning And Buying, Search Marketing, Social Media, Web Design and Copywriting – everything in fact, that it takes to make the most of your online and offline recruitment activities. And, because we’re a small yet well-established boutique agency that enjoys great relationships with the media, we can often achieve large discounts on rates, which we pass back to our clients in full. In short, if you think of us as an external digital marketing team that adds tangible value to your business and would be very expensive to set up in-house, cost stops being an issue.

What sort of client base do you have? (i.e. Is my business big enough?)

We've never turned business away because it’s too big or too small. Since we opened for business, we’ve work with all sorts (except the liquorice ones). Indeed, our client base is made up of a whole mix of local, national and international clients that range from household names like Bupa, Specsavers and Manchester United, through to lesser known organisations that are successful in their own field. And, we’re proud to say that many of them started using us a result of a referral or recommendation.

Why Beyond Interactive and not one of your competitors?

We’d like to think that it’s our open, honest and consultative approach to recruitment advertising and the responsive and flexible service we provide that sets us apart. Whether you’re looking for sound media advice for your next job ad or want to take your entire recruiting strategy to the next level, we guarantee you’ll receive the same level of focus and be treated with the utmost respect. What’s more, everything we do is designed to deliver measurable results, so our clients know exactly how their recruitment marketing investment is performing.

Do you have any examples of how you have delivered those results?

Yes, you’ll find loads of case studies on our website.

OK, I'd like to know more. What next?

We’d be happy to have an informal chat, in total confidence of course, about any aspects of your recruitment communications. You can call James Swift on 0844 335 0390 or email



  • 08th June 2016
  • RecFest may be over...