I can't quite believe four months have passed since I moved back to Manchester and started at Beyond Interactive. At work it feels like I've been here much longer than four months and at home, it feels like I never went away. Now Christmas is just one week away.

Having started the month in smug festive fashion, safe in the knowledge that I knew precisely what I was buying for my loved ones for Christmas, it appears I have failed to read the small print. 'Allow 5-10 days for shipping and delivery' actually means 'allow up to 15 days for shipping and delivery at Christmas'. According to Tamara of 'online chat' fame, I was told this, however they did so in text so small only a Borrower can read it.

At work, interesting conversations with exciting brands are in plentiful supply. The momentum has gathered and January will be a buoyant month for new business. And not least I forget, following a competitive pitch process, we retained JTI, a client we've been working with since 2009 and with other opportunities firmly in the pipeline it's set to be a super 2013 for Beyond Interactive.

What's more, we've just finished the development of a client website in 3 languages!



  • 18th December 2012
  • My christmas blog by nicky scanlan