Sometimes a change is as good as, or even better than, a rest

Approaching our 7th birthday recently, it suddenly struck us that we hadn't changed our website, other than making a few tweaks and updates here and there, for a while. Not since day one in fact. And, as we had no intention of resting on the abundance of laurels we have gained over the previous six years, we thought it would be nice to give ourselves a present and treat ourselves to a shiny new, all singing, all dancing - well, far more informative and functional - website.

Our dedication and expertise in the recruitment communications field has enabled us to enjoy six consecutive profitable years. Not bad given the economic climate that has been knocking about for the past four of them. Now, as well as having a better platform to showcase our wide range of work and services, we're also able to let the reader tap into our social media channels and get regular news updates etc. We've also got some impressive new case studies to share with you.

However, whilst some things may have changed, you'll be pleased to hear that our open, honest and consultative approach to employer marketing will remain intact, no matter how many new websites come and go down the years. Indeed, as we celebrate our 7th year in business, you could say we've got a real itch - for even more success in the future.



  • 14th August 2012
  • Beyond Interactive Website Relaunch