Specsavers EU first came to us for suggestions on how their existing European blogs, Spectrum, could be improved in readiness for some upcoming marketing campaigns. The Spectrum blogs were originally part of an Intranet intended as a source of information for internal staff but Specsavers could see the benefit in making these more of a public resource.

We made various structural and visual improvements to the Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch and Swedish blogs to improve the prominence of key elements and the general user flow. We fixed a number of issues that prevented the websites from rendering well on mobile devices, and we built geolocation detection in to automatically reroute visitors to the most appropriate blog for their language. We also implemented additional usergroup mechanisms for public logins to be created, and we continue to work with Specsavers EU to help manage their public and internal user accounts.

Specsavers UK then asked us to design and build a new Journey to Pathway website, replacing a previously small segment of their UK Spectrum blog. They wanted to maintain the existing layout and content but with a fresh, modern appearance. They also wanted an easier way to manage content as their existing WordPress system was a little too cumbersome. We built a bespoke content management platform that’s much easier to use, and provides flexibility for any potential future developments.






  • 23rd January 2017
  • Specsavers