Using Programmatic to recruit Nurses and Carers.

Care UK asked Beyond Interactive to craft a search-based recruiting campaign to help them recruit nurses and carers. 


With this campaign, Care UK wanted to push their brand across non-recruitment platforms to attract a passive audience – yet still retaining a strong pipeline of relevant applications. Nurses and Carers had been highly demanded as the competition for these talents is fierce. The campaign should also serve the purpose of enhancing their employer brand.


The campaign enabled Care UK to showcase their new EVP. At the same time, we helped to deliver a massive amount of hires and crucially, also managed to recruit nurses. In total, we directed more than 4,500 clicks to the jobs advertised which led to over 100 completed applications. At the end of the campaign 52 people were hired: 49 carers and three nurses who are exceptionally hard to recruit. The average cost-per-hire achieved was £275. 

What's more, we helped them hire 630 Carers in a single month - a company record!

About CARE UK 

Care UK is Britain’s largest independent provider of health and social care for more than 30 years. They run more than 110 care homes across UK – from residential and nursing care to respite, end of life care and care for people who are living with dementia. The healthcare services include treatment centres, GP practices, walk-in centres, out-of-hours GP support and diagnostics facilities. 

About Beyond Interactive 

Beyond Interactive is a Lancashire-based digital employer marketing agency. We help employers enhance their reputation and reduce their cost per hire. 





  • 10th October 2016
  • Care UK